Elena Popova

In the book

Not in a deadly serious way, Through Alien Eyes gives a scoop on:

  • Who eats cow's hooves and jellyfish, and more on "whiskered food"
  • What healthy food and sex have in common, and who said "We have no sex here"
  • Who is a mommy of a son of a bitch
  • Why democracy isn't applicable to symphony and ballet, and what lip gloss advertises, actually (pigs are involved, too)
  • How to talk without telling and be handsomely paid for it (the CIA lesson)
  • How to get in (and out) a high-security facility using "Erin Brockovich Principle"
  • How to save on shrinks (and even laugh)
  • How a Martian meets an Alien: foreign brides, marriage agencies, immigration services, loves, lies, and crimes
caricature by Vadim Bora

And this is not even the tip of the iceberg - there is much more to explore.

Now, if to get serious for a moment: "We knew that everything the communists told us about communism was a lie," one Russian joked, "but we didn’t realize that what they told us abut capitalism was true."

How much difference is there between "Soviet propaganda" and American "spin," really?

For an American newcomer, there always will be a question what to accept and what to leave out creating a fusion of Eastern and Western qualities - adaptation to the new life demands not just moral courage but sometimes profound compromises, which might become an ultimate road to success.

Through Alien Eyes: a View of America and Intercultural Marriages

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Format: Soft Cover,
280 pages
Price: USD 22.95
ISBN: 978-0875866390 (0875866395)

Format: Hard Cover,
280 pages
Price: USD 32.95
ISBN: 978-0875866406 (0875866409)

Format: Ebook
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ISBN: 978-0875866413

Table of Contents

"How Did You Get to the United States?"
Serious Stuff: Food
Legends of the Sex Drive
Pets, the True Love
Isn't That Custom Strange?
Myths and Standards
Several Horror Stories
Searching Where the Grass Is Greener
"A Nation of Victims"
The Globe of America
The War of the Worlds
Borrowed Lifestyle: American Extravagance
"Moose and Squirrels!" or Images of Russians
Demons She Fights: Adjustment Period
The Show Must Go on
Watch Your Language
To Execute or to Pardon?
A Woman at the Door
The Competition of Congregations,
or Which Christian is More Christian?
Analyze This
Russian Men vs. Their Western Counterparts
The Land of Loneliness
Meanings and Means: "Just a Click Away"
Lies, Love, and Humiliation: Visa Stories
     Technically Speaking
What the Statistics Reveal
Goods and Services
Creating a Victim
Tactics of Violence
     Technically Speaking
First Person Stories
     Love: Russian Style
     A Young Wife’s Diary
     From the Horse’s Mouth,
or So the Horse Says
     He Says — She Says
Back on Track
Russians Talk
     Resurrection Killed
     "That’s Life"
Storybook Endings
     Needle in a Haystack
Bridges and Dividers