Elena Popova

The world's largest brown bears Say 'woof' for the camera! Featuring an active Karymsky volcano Filming the national alpine ski team on Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes
Sea otters of a remote North Pacific island Utashud On air Taking an interview Heli-skiing: on the rim of a volcanic crater

"THESE are captures from my TV shows. I could go on air from the studio one day, and then the next be far away, shooting my documentaries - featuring the national alpine ski team, filming an active volcano (not good for a camera if volcanic ash drizzles like rain), making a heli-skiing feature, recording remote Pacific island wildlife (look at that sleepy sea otter pup!), counting brown bears... Life wasn't boring!"

From Through Alien Eyes:

Sometimes I joked that my life "before" was like scenes from National Geographic episodes: I talked to British royalty, teased Boris Yeltsin, chased bears (not beers), videotaped a volcanic eruption from a helicopter in synch with a NASA satellite to create a 3D model, walked on the ocean floor in a hard suit, and so on.

During my visits to America, party-goers asked me about my favorite sports - namely, scuba and skydiving, heli-skiing, sailing - and usually the upshot was the same, "You must be a Russian spy, like from James Bond movies!"

Elena Popova holds a master’s degree in journalism and has worked as a staff writer, cameraperson, film director, book contributor, and TV personality, writing for Russian and European media and directing documentaries on ecology, science, and culture.

She resides in the North Pacific, where the combination of the ocean and volcanoes makes an irresistible attraction.

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